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Residents Association

Posted by naranjosjardine1 on October 30, 2015



If you would like to support the Condado Residents Association, then please complete the form below and email to

sign up form

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Updated Bus Timetable

Posted by naranjosjardine1 on October 5, 2015

Updated bus schedule from 1st Oct to April 2016

Time table oct 15

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Al Kasar update

Posted by naranjosjardine1 on August 15, 2015

I’m sure that everyone has seen or heard about the rumour of Chinese investment that was reported here last month and which turned out to be completely unfounded and denied by IRM.

Well IRM are in the news again this week with the news that they have relinquished ownership of all their assets here on Condado de Alhama.

IRM have confirmed the following –

The Al  Kasar commercial centre and the old show rooms on the outer road have been transferred to Sareb ( the bad bank )

The Condado club has been transferred to Banco Sabadell.

The ownership of the golf course has been transferred to banco Sabadell but IRM will continue to manage it.

All other assets and unsold plots will be shared between Banco Sabadell and  Banco Popular.

What will these mean to the owners on Condado, well probably not a lot in the short term.  The lease holders of the commercial units have  been informed and will get new contracts with the new owners, so I expect that business will continue as usual.  IRM will continue the management of the golf  course here as well as at the other resorts, so I cannot see any big upheavals there.  With the change of ownership of the unbuilt plots, this may have an effect if investors are willing to step forward.

The only real change will be within the urban entity where representatives from the two banks will take over the position and votes previously held by IRM.

Interesting times and let us hope all good for the future of Condado de Alhama.

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Update on Al Kasar sale.

Posted by naranjosjardine1 on June 22, 2015

Last Friday Murcia Today published an article stating that the “according to the property administrators at Condado de Alhama” the Al Kasar Commercial centre had been sold by IRM to a group of Chinese investors.  Over the weekend this has lead to a lot of speculation on what effect, if any, this will have to the residents and owners of the resort. Obviously such a purchase by an investment group could be considered as a positive event as it would show that they have confidence in the area and hopefully would lead to further investment in the way of new businesses and improvements.

But is this true or just another rumour that we are so used to?

IRM has stated today that –

“I saw that the source were ‘the administrators of Condado de Alhama’; I would like to see where they saw that.”


“all our assets are for sale, but for the moment we have not received any offer from any Chinese group. I would be very pleased if that could happen but for the moment there is nothing related to that.”

IRM have ordered Milleniun to inform the business owners on Al Kasar of the falseness of this rumour.

So, if IRM are denying that any deal has taken place is there any truth in the rumour and where did it originate?

As with all things here I am sure that rumours will flourish and that claims and counter claims will be aired over the next few months, but only in the fulness of time will the truth of the matter come out.

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Chinese investors reported to have purchased Al Kasar

Posted by naranjosjardine1 on June 19, 2015

Murcia Today reports :-

Chinese investors buy Condado de Alhama commercial centre

The resort was built by Polaris World in Alhama de Murcia, Region of Murcia
Chinese investors buy Condado de Alhama commercial centre
The purchasing power of Chinese investors is of constant interest to those attempting to attract foreign investment in Spain, and an example of this has come to light this week in the Region of Murcia where, according to the property administrators at Condado de Alhama, the Al Kasar commercial centre has been bought by a group of Chinese investors.
Until now the centre has belonged to IRM, which was formed to hold assets previously under the control of Polaris World, but few further details have yet been made available.
What has emerged is that the Chinese investors have purchased the whole of the Al Kasar complex apart from one unit, which was ceded by the developers to the Town Hall of Alhama de Murcia and which is now in use as an outlying council office where owners and residents at Condado de Alhama can deal with aspects of official paperwork without having to travel to the main offices in the centre of Alhama.
Currently the units which are occupied in the Al Kasar centre are all rented, and it is not yet known whether the tenants will be affected by the change in ownership.
Interest in Spanish investment property has been increasing over the last few months as the economic situation in Spain improves, the real estate sector concurs that prices have finally reached a point at which commercial property becomes a viable proposition and residential property is once again attracting attention.



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