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New Menu del Dia at the Condado Club

Posted by naranjosjardine1 on November 17, 2014















AVAILABLE FROM 12 – 3 PM  &  6 – 9 PM 


ONLY €9.95

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Travelling to Roquetas de Mar and Almerimar

Posted by naranjosjardine1 on November 14, 2014

This week the weather has changed and its definitely turned into a Spanish Winter.  If the sun is shining and if you shelter from the wind in a sunny spot it is glorious but generally the wind has turned chilly and the shorts, t-shirts and sandals for the ‘nesh’ or those who don’t like to be cold, have been replaced with longer trousers, warmer tops and fleeces along with shoes and for me the beloved boots!  We have had several days this week of rain where coats, fleeces and jeans were everywhere.  I have spent the last few days swapping the wardrobe and cupboards from summer to winter clothes – sneezing as the dust is disturbed from storage areas, particularly under the bed.  Now when I open the wardrobe its full of dark coloured clothes.  Hubby – who is one of those hardy souls who is still fighting for the right to wear shorts, t-shirts and sandals, has been out on the golf course this afternoon and when he comes back he will moan as I’ve ‘tidied’ up his wardrobe – and he hates change.  He knows that every now and again I like to get rid of the clothes that are only fit for the dustbin. He usually disagrees with me about whether an item of clothing should be in the bin or not.

Last week we headed off in our motor home.  I love it – home from home – which reminds me I have never blogged about our summer adventures but I’ll save that for another day. We travelled down the A7 to a small coastal place just passed Almeria called Roquetas de Mar.  The landscape around Almeria is agricultural but a lot more commercial than Alhama’s surrounding farmland and the fields are covered with plastic.  Fields and fields of covered plastic.  I know that people have to make a living but sheets of plastic everywhere is so ugly and messy.  The old plastic seems to be dumped on a spare piece of land and left to blow away into ravines, holes and attach itself to trees.  Thus, I found the landscape messy and disappointing but the town of Roquetas de Mar wasn’t.  It is a modern town with a beach and lots of quality built apartment blocks and villas. The really great thing about this town is the availability of tapas.  Most of the town’s numerous bars holds with the tradition of buy a drink and have a free tapas.  So it was really cheap to eat out and enjoyable to choose tapas from menus or sample tapas of the day or often make the simple choice of meat or fish.  Great way to spend an evening.

We then travelled further along the coast on the A7 to Almerimar.  Almerimar boasts a modern, purpose built marina with bars and restaurants all around the quay-side.  There is nothing old, charming or quaint here but the marina is interesting with a variety of boats to peruse, a fantastic beach, boutique shops and lots of bars, restaurants and yet more delicious tapas.


2014-11-03 16.40.252014-11-03 16.40.282014-11-03 16.41.07

There is a motor home parking area right on the marina, sandwiched between the quayside and the beach.  Idyllic on a sunny summers afternoon but not on a blustery Autumn night with the rain pouring down and the wind hitting gale force straight off the med.  Feeling the wind buffeting and rocking the van in the dead of night is a little unnerving.  Suffice to say we were up early in the morning and off thinking the weather would be a little calmer if we headed inland but alas no, it took till lunchtime to escape the driving wind and rain.  In hindsight it would have been better to stay and wait for the rain to stop, have breakfast and stay put but no, we decided to move off away from the blustery wind. Unfortunately the wind and rain came with us for a couple of hours.

Driving rain and gale force winds, on a motorway are bad enough but when the motorway stopped and we joined an ‘A’ road it became even more scary.  The single carriage road lay between cliffs on one side and a shear drop to the sea on the other. The numerous ramblers were full, water cascading down the mountains and all the rubbish and plastic were washing down with the water towards the rough, brown sea far below. In parts, the roadside ditches were blocked with debris so the water and rubbish flowed on to the road. Have you ever seen those signs near mountains – triangular ones with a red border, white background with a picture of a cliff with rocks falling down and wondered what exactly would happen if any rocks fell, well they fall on the road. Only small ones thankfully, but enough to worry about. Coming around a bend became a mystery, would it be water, rubbish or rock that lay on the road, add in – can’t see very much through the windscreen and disaster seem imminent. Did we end up in trouble? No! we did the only sensible thing to do and stopped for a long pit stop of coffee, tea and tostadas until the rain finally stopped.  We then travelled on to Granada – which I’ll tell you about in a few days time.


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Urgent call for Responders.

Posted by lesley tann on November 10, 2014

responders needed poster

CPR has been running its emergency medical service, 24 hours, 7 days a week for a year now but at present we only have 5 responders so we cannot maintain this service.  From the beginning of November, we have reduced the 24 hour call out service to a limited number of days and run a telephone advice service when responders are not available.  The reduced service will remain until we can train more volunteers and as yet we do not have enough responders to run a training course.  For information the responder rota will be published on the CPR website each week.

We desperately need volunteers to train as responders.  We have the money to pay for volunteers to be trained as Responders as Condado owners are very generous.  If you value the CPR service, especially if you are a resident, it is time to come forward and volunteer so that we can return to the emergency call out service 24/7.  If we don’t receive any more volunteers we won’t be able to offer any service in the summer.  The more volunteers we have the less of a burden it becomes.

So please, seriously consider our plea. If you are interested in becoming a Responder or help with CPR please contact Eliza at or the CPR secretary at

More than ever . . . . .CPR needs you!

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Updated Bus Schedule – November 2014.

Posted by naranjosjardine1 on November 9, 2014


Vargas bus company has updated the schedule from this month replacing the bi-weekly schedule with a simpler format.  There will now be a bus service each week day with two buses on Wednesday to Totana and Lorca and a Sunday service to Mazarron port plus a Saturday service on demand.

2014-11-09 10.33.21 2014-11-09 10.33.26

Email: or Tel:  681347029 / 670210388 for full details

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Decklid Auto Services donates a car to CPR

Posted by lesley tann on October 27, 2014

2014-10-26 13.18.062014-10-26 13.18.232014-10-26 13.17.51

At the Autumn Fair yesterday Dave and Diane Stapleton of Decklid Auto Services presented the car they have donated to CPR’s representative Eliza King, Responder and Rota manager of CPR.   Thank you Dave and Diane for your generosity.  We have arranged for an article and pictures to be published in Murcia Today.

Having a CPR car is advantageous to the family of CPR responders with only one car, as they are no longer tied to staying on site during a CPR shift.  It also raises the profile of CPR as people will see it driven and parked around the resort.

Decklid Auto Services is situated close to the roundabout where the new Mercadona Supermarket is located on the road into Mazarron Town.

For more details and contact information visit

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