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Fantastic weather, holidays and House Martins

Posted by naranjosjardine1 on April 15, 2014

Weather is fabulous, Easter is here and Condado has turned into a holiday resort.  It is busy, buzzing and everybody seems to be enjoying the resort.  The bars and restaurants are offering a wide range of cuisine giving plenty of choice.  The bakery in the corner has won the hearts of my family and judging by the number of people their this morning a lot of other people too.  My family members love to wander down to Al Kasar in the morning, buy a newspaper from the supermarket, read it leisurely sitting outside the bakery with coffee and a pastry watching the world go by – now that sounds relaxing.  Its no time to relax for the residents on Condado who work in the bars, key hold, clean or service holiday makers, they are out of hibernation working hard.  On Saturday, The Clover had its busiest night this year with the rest of the bars busy too.  The golf course looked busy all week-end with a steady stream of players going through all day.

Everybody seems to be enjoying the holidays in their own way.  Children are riding around on bikes, playing at the play-grounds and some hardy souls are even in the swimming pool.  They must be British or Norwegian, its too cold for Spanish children just yet.   In the winter we don’t have many children so its great to hear them.  One child has the right idea about how to exercise Dad, whilst he (the boy) rode along amiably on his bike, chatting away, dad was jogging behind, sweating and struggling to keep the conversation going – great idea that one.  The kids are also enjoying the Kids Club at the Condado Club and using all the facilities there.  The play-ground is popular there at the moment as it gives mum and dad an opportunity to enjoy a cool drink whilst the children play and make new friends.  The Paddle tennis courts are growing in popularity, if you are interested then Decathlon have a cheap range of bats and balls if you prefer to own your racquets rather than hire from the Club.  There are lots of activities for the children planned over Easter so check out the Kids Club by finding the advert posted on April 7th.

Last time I blogged I talked about swallows and frogs.  Well apparently I should have been talking about house martins and frogs as the birds I thought were swallows in reality are house martins.  House martins are the same colour as swallows but are smaller and have a different shape wings.  Also it is the house martins that nest in buildings and arrive early in the spring from Africa – this is according to a complete guide to bird watching book that has never failed my source who gave me this information.  Swallows arrive later in the year, are bigger and can be seen mainly on the golf course.  Whilst on the subject I googled Ornithology to use the correct word for bird-watching only to find that if you are literally watching birds with the eye or binoculars then you are a bird watcher (feathered, or human variety for that matter), an ornithologist is someone  “who engages in the study of birds using formal scientific methods.”   So it is the house martins that are swooping and flying around busily building their nests in the penthouses and they are so clever at it.  Amazing building skills these little birds have.

Today I’ve been out and about and found my favourite tapas bar by the beach has had a refurbishment.  Here’s some photos – do you recognise it?


There’s the refurbished bit.  Very chic looking.

And here is a more familiar aspect.



If you haven’t guessed yet it’s the Oasis bar at Bol Nuevo which we like to call the ‘Sparrow’ bar.  If you can’t remember what was there before the new plush seating area, there was a big mural on the wall with people dancing and some standard bar chairs and tables.


Moving on around the coast this has to be the best view from any social centre/pensionista I know of and the drinks are great value.


If you are out on Condado remember its a bank holiday on Thursday, Friday and of course Sunday is the religious day. There are big fiestas with parades in both Mazarron Port and Alhama.   Check out Murcia today for the times of parades as they vary from town to town.  There is a bus timetable with buses going to Alhama on the notice board opposite the supermarket. There is loads going on over Easter, check out the boards of all the restaurants and bars but don’t forget it is the CPR fundraiser at the Condado Club this Sunday.

Have a great Easter where ever your are.  


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10 Apartments for Sale at Bargain Prices

Posted by naranjosjardine1 on April 14, 2014

Latest Bank Release
Condado de Alhama


From   43,500 €

Discount Campaign Only 10 Apartments.

We have just 10 apartments available within
Los Jardines 
at these give away prices.

2 Bedroom first floor apartment
with roof solarium.
Jardin 1 - 43,500 €

3 Bedroom ground floor apartment.
Jardin 1 
48,800 € – 59,200 €
Jardin 13
54,000 € – 64,200 €
Jardin 4   – 59,000 €
Jardin 7   – 59,000 €

From  48,800 €

To reserve one of these apartments we will need from you via email the following details:
Full names of purchasers.
Full home address, email, telephone numbers.
Employment details – Job Title and employers name.
Copies of passports.
Reservations are not possible without any of the listed requirements.
There is a reservation fee of 500 € payable to the bank and refundable.

First to confirm their intention to purchase will be successful.


Email for details

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St Georges Day Entertainment at the Clover bar

Posted by naranjosjardine1 on April 12, 2014


Appearing at the Clover Bar, Condado de Alhama, Saint George’s day, April 23rd.

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Updated Bus timetable

Posted by naranjosjardine1 on April 10, 2014


The bus schedule from Al Kasar – Condado de Alhama has now been updated again this week.

So the new schedule is as follows;-

Day Destination Cost/Return Depart Condado Return
Tuesday Alhama Market €8 10:00 15:00
Thursday Murcia €10 10:00 15:30
Sunday Port Mazarron €8 10:00 16:00

Transport between Condado de Alhama and the airports of Alicante and San Javier are also available, the cost of this service would depend on the number sharing the bus.  There is a discount for round trips.

San Javier Airport Alicante Airport
1 to 4 €50 1 to 4 €90
5 to 8 €75 5 to 8 €120
9 to 14 €100 9 to 14 €165

For numbers greater than 14  you would need to contact them with your requirements to obtain a price.

If you have a group of friends that would like a day out at one of the local towns then they can arrange for either a 14 or 36 seater bus depending on your needs.


Destination          14 Seater ( Bus )        36 Seater ( Per Person )      
Caravaca €170 €10
Moratalla €170 €10
Calasparra €170 €10
Lorca €120 €8
Archena €170 €10
Fortuna €170 €10
Jumilla €170 €10
Los Alcazares €170 €10
Mojacar €210 €12
Almeria €260 €23
Granada €400 €23
Malaga €470 €25
Elche €210 €12
Alicante €210 €12
Valencia €400 €23
Benidorm €210 €12
Villajoyosa €210 €12


Email: or Tel:  681347029 / 670210388 for full details

They are also available for trips into Alhama, Mazarron or any other location in the  evening if there is a group of you going out.

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Condado Kids Club events this April

Posted by naranjosjardine1 on April 3, 2014


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