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Sports for all

Posted by naranjosjardine1 on October 25, 2014

Last week we had a bit of a sporty theme with a darts and a Golf competition. Well it would be a sporty theme if darts is classed as a sport. I’m never to sure but with the soaring temperatures we have experienced this week, darts could be the suitable sport of the moment. With afternoon temperatures recorded as high as 38 oC, inside with plenty of liquid refreshment maybe the way to go. At least everybody out for the 1/2term break will find pleasure in the hot temperatures. The children are even in the pools – at the end of October!

The Condado Club hosted the darts championship over last weekend. On Friday night, Elvis style entertainment followed the darts, Saturday there was an individual darts competition and Sunday afternoon, after the presentation and announcement of the winners, an exhibition match was held followed by entertainment by Dee in the evening. As we have never been to a darts exhibition match we decided to go and check it out. The exhibition match turned out to be the former Darts Champion Bob Anderson playing members of the audience and mainly winning, although some individuals did beat him. It was different, unusual and made a change to the usual entertainment. Did I attempt to play – no way. A neighbour recently invited us around one evening to play on his dart board. He has the dart board outside of his downstairs apartment positioned between the patio window and the corner by the front door. Unfortunately there was no backing behind the board so that when the darts missed the board, holes were made in the white walls. After making a few holes and hitting the light several times I decided darts wasn’t for me so I watched the darts matches at the Condado Club and joined in the dancing to Dee. Dee was a pleasure to listen to with her amusing tales and music mixes.

The sporting theme followed on Tuesday when golfers played for the Norwegian cup. This championship, organised by the golf society, is a popular competition which is in its 5th year. Norwegians and other Scandinavian countries join forces and competed as a team against Great Britain and Ireland. The overall score at the beginning of the day was 2-2, with GB and Ireland holding the trophy as they were last years winners. The Norwegian team won the match on Tuesday making the overall score 3-2 in their favour. (GB and Ireland will win next year!) If you want more details about the day and the evening ‘do’ then go to the Golf Society website – where Barry will have written all about the day and the evening presentation.

And out and about a new sign has been put up renaming Camposol A as Los Palacios, Camposol.  As you can see from the picture the word sign is a little understated.  It is actually a fantastic piece of artwork.  I came across an interesting article by the Camposol Gardening Group and found out the artwork was built and designed by Jason Jessop of ART of STONEWORK which combines local stone with traditional Yorkshire craftsmanship.   The article calls it a monument which is a more appropriate word than ‘sign’.


If you are around the Camposol area then keep an eye out for it.


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Update Bus Schedule – October 2014

Posted by naranjosjardine1 on October 4, 2014


The bus schedule from Al Kasar, Condado de Alhama has now been updated from 1st October with a new weekly schedule being introduced to offer different routes on alternate weeks of the month.

So the new schedule is as follows :-

1st week of the month
Day Destination Cost/Return Depart Condado Return
Tuesday Alhama Market €8 10:00 13:30
Thursday Murcia Market €10 10:00 15:30
Friday Cartagena €10 10:00 15:30
2nd week of the month
Day Destination Cost/Return Depart Condado Return
Wednesday Totana Market €8 10:00 13:30
Thursday Lorca €10 10:00 15:30
Friday Cartagena €10 10:00 15:30
3rd week of the month
Day Destination Cost/Return Depart Condado Return
Tuesday Alhama Market €8 10:00 13:30
Thursday Murcia Market €10 10:00 15:30
Friday Cartagena €10 10:00 15:30
4th week of the month
Day Destination Cost/Return Depart Condado Return
Wednesday Totana Market €8 10:00 13:30
Thursday Lorca €10 10:00 15:30
Friday Cartagena €10 10:00 15:30

If you have any queries please contact Viajes Vargas Tour :- Email: or Tel:  681347029 / 670210388 for full details


Transport between Condado de Alhama and the airports of Alicante and San Javier are also available, the cost of this service would depend on the number sharing the bus.  There is a €10 discount for round trips.

San Javier Airport Alicante Airport Santa Eulalis Totana
Port Mazarron beach
1 to 4 €50 €90 €50 €50
5 to 8 €75 €120 €75 €80
9 to 14 €100 €165 €100 €100

For numbers greater than 14  you would need to contact them with your requirements to obtain a price.

If you have a group of friends that would like a day out at one of the local towns then they can arrange for either a 14 or 36 seater bus depending on your needs.

Destination          14 Seater ( Bus )        36 Seater ( Per Person )      
Caravaca €170 €10
Moratalla €170 €10
Calasparra €170 €10
Lorca €120 €8
Archena €170 €10
Fortuna €170 €10
Jumilla €170 €10
Los Alcazares €170 €10
Mojacar €210 €12
Almeria €260 €23
Granada €400 €23
Malaga €470 €25
Elche €210 €12
Alicante €210 €12
Valencia €400 €23
Benidorm €210 €12
Villajoyosa €210 €12
La Manga €170 €10

Email: or Tel:  681347029 / 670210388 for full details

They are also available for trips into Alhama, Mazarron or any other location in the  evening if there is a group of you going out.


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Fiesta at the Feria this week-end.

Posted by naranjosjardine1 on October 3, 2014

In Alhama de Murcia tonight at 8:45 is a festival of bands of music starting at the Plaza de la Constitucion.  This is part of the fiesta Feria which is a music festival with dancing, concerts, open air dancing, competitions, bird competitions,  sports activities and a big fun fair from 3rd – 12th October 2014.

Feria de Alhama de Murcia 2014

More information is available from the tourist information in Alhama or on-line at Murcia Today. When I originally published this blog I only heard a rumour that the Tuesday market wasn’t on but according to Karen Crease, who lives in Alhama, the Tuesday market is on Monday next week.

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Rain, thunder, lightening and hail

Posted by lesley tann on September 30, 2014

Its the rainy season here on Condado, well it has been for the last week.  We have experienced all variations or rain, drizzle, heavy rain, deep rumbling thunder accompanied by spectacular lightening which on occasions looked like fireworks and large hail storms, big enough to make a decent ice cube for your favourite tipple.  Camposol and last night, Mazarron Port have had floods because of the torrential rain but Condado seems to have escaped with only minor damage to the golf course and mud on the outside road.  There is an interesting video on You tube showing a swimming pool floating down a street in Camposol last week.  If you haven’t seen the video its worth a look.  The swimming pool looks like a large boat floating down the street.  Its near enough 2 years ago that part of the bridge on Camposol was swept away into the rambler.

The Golf course was temporarily closed on Friday as the heavy rain of Thursday evening swept mud onto the course.  Some of the golf society members took consolation in their loss of a days golf by heading to the Clover and Condado Club to watch the first day of the Ryder cup on the TV screens.  The three day event kept lots of people glued to their seats for the duration.  It is not often that English, Irish, Norwegians, Scottish, Spanish, Welsh and the rest of Europe are all united on the same side.   The atmosphere was electric as the Europeans ‘whopped’ the Americans.  Three Cheers!

The rains, overcast and grey days have cooled the heat.  7 – 10 days ago we were sweltering in high temperatures but now the weather has cooled.  The sun is hot when it breaks through but the days are cooler and the nights pose the problem of quilt or no quilt, window closed or window open as it can be chilly before dawn.  As a result of the wet weather the wild flowers are flourishing and coming into bloom on the scrub lands all around us.  We walked the inner road Sunday morning and enjoyed watching the birds, including a flock of herons amongst the scrub.  The dog is revelling in the cooler weather, bounds along like a puppy and loves rolling in the puddles although I’m not impressed, a large, wet, smelly dog in a small apartment is never favourable. Talking of scrub, wild flowers, weeds – the gardeners this week have been weeding the newly planted hedges along the back road of Naranjos.  The hedges are growing well and should be putting on quite a growth spurt as a result of the rain – although will that mean more weeds for the gardeners?

The close thundery weather has also brought the flies.  Masses of them.  In your eyes, crawling over your body, one you might be able to ignore but they are coming on mass.  As I sit at the keyboard there is one on my shoulder, one on my right leg and one on my left knee. Every now and again they walk across the laptop screen. I can’t ignore them.  The pesky things get everywhere.  In the apartment they are relentless attacking food as it is prepared, plated and eaten.  Squat them, spray them, they still come back.

Lastly the discussion about Corverra Airport continues.  Found this article :

A spokesman for Spanish Airline Air Nostrum – which operates under the auspices of Iberia – spoke to la Verdad newspaper yesterday to confirm suggestions made last week that they would move activities to Corvera Airport as soon as the facility was operational.

Is it true or gossip – Who knows?  Have a good week


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The end of the summer?

Posted by lesley tann on September 22, 2014

Those of you that were on Condado this Summer will know that it was hot and dry.  According to Murcia Today, Murcia has just experienced it’s driest Summer since 1941 and the hottest since 1943.  I have been looking around Google and found an article in The titled ‘Driest in Alicante for 157 years’ which highlights the plight of farmers in the south east corner of the Iberian peninsula which I guess includes Mazarron and Alhama and since it allows me to copy it I’ve copied it for you to read.  It reminds us that although we think of Condado de Alhama as a holiday resort it is in the middle of an agricultural region.

Driest in Alicante for 157 years

According to data issued by the Laboratory of Climatology in the University of Alicante recently the city is experiencing its driest half year for 157 years since 1857 when official records start. ‘It remains one of the driest years in the south east corner of the Iberian peninsula over the last 150 years,’ said the head of the climatology laboratory Professor Jorge Olcina. Only 27 litres of rainfall has been recorded in the province over the first six months of this year.

Jorge Olcina went on to say that recent rain in the northern part of the province had been useful for irrigating crops and helping to at least briefly reduce the effect of the on going drought the region has been suffering for almost 12 months. However he added that in the rest of the province the rains had come to practically nothing and had had little or no effect on the drought. ‘If it does not rain as normal in the next two months,’ he said, ‘the drought conditions will worsen and the situation will become serious.’

The President of the Young Farmers’ Association in Alicante, Eladio Aniorte, was quoted in regional newspaper La Verdad as agreeing with the statements from Professor Ocina saying that ‘the outlook is bleak’ particularly in the centre and south of the province. ‘In the Vega Baja, Elche and Alicante it has not rained at all.’

‘Things are very bad; if it does not rain I do not know where it will end. Losses are great, everyone believes between 30 and €40 million,’ he told the newspaper. Aniorte also talked about the crops that are being planted now. ‘Artichokes are being planted now and potatoes and broccoli should be started soon but everything is up in the air and everyone is worried and nobody dares to plant because if it does not rain and with the heat at the moment the plants will die within two months and the crop will not be worth anything,’ he said. This could well mean higher prices for the rest of us in the shops for local fruit and vegetable.

Aniorte was also critical of central government’s lack of practical support for the farmers. They have offered to subsidise and defer interest payments on loans to 12 months but he believes farmers should not be paying Social Security or income tax. He went on to also criticise the Valencian government for saying they will help ‘but doing nothing’.

Paul Mutter

And today it rained.  We had a brief shower a few days ago and the temperatures dropped but today we woke up with rain clouds across the mountains and mid morning the heavens opened with thunder and lightening over head. Anybody outside away from shelter was drenched including my dog – he is still drying out after several hours, as was his walker – not me!  The marshal thoughtfully collected golfers off the golf course.  The golf course is a dangerous and frightening place whilst thunder and lightening storms over head.

2014-09-22 11.18.21

Rain clouds over the mountains – So thick you can’t see the mountain!

2014-09-22 11.46.32

The sun came out later

2014-09-22 13.40.25

and chased the clouds away for awhile but later it clouded over again and looks like more rain.  The temperature has dropped with a cool breeze – I love it.  I’ve never been a fan of the hot temperatures.  Throughout the morning, through rain and sun the maintenance men were out fixing the top balcony on Penthouse 15.

2014-09-22 13.39.142014-09-22 13.39.31

So that’s my first blog in ages.  While Condado sweltered through a hot summer I was travelling Europe in my new Motor-home so my next few blogs will be a little about my travels


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